Our innovative W-flow system combined with our new swim software allows our swim spas to become professional training appliances. Swimmers can choose six-speed levels and set up a model for swimming speeds so that you can create a unique programme of swimming stages to match your training needs.

What are the benefits of a W-Flow system?

1. The system can deliver twice as much water as traditional types of swim spas, with a water flow width of 50-60cm.

2. The mechanical elements of the spa are separated from the hydrospace, meaning that mechanical repairs can be made without sluicing the water.

3. The swim half and the spa half can be independently controlled so that multiple users can utilise the spa, whether they want to swim or relax.

4. The heating cost of the spa can be significantly reduced due to the system of the heat pump connection.

5. There is a self-drain function so that the swimming half of the spa can be drained by the circulation pump in 33 minutes.

What training modes are there?

There are several programs available which are suitable for use by beginners and professionals. The machine allows you to customize your training session by flow intensity, duration, and colour indicators. Experience endless swimming with the W-Flow system.

Endurance Mode: A workout that stays at constant intensity for the entire duration.

Lap Mode: A workout that combines both high and low-intensity intervals of equal timing.

Transition mode: A series of random intensities at equal times.

Power Mode: A pyramid program in which the intensity progressively increases to the maximum set level, it then progressively decreased to end at a low intensity.

Personalised Mode: You can create a custom workout.

Cardio Mode: A workout with two successive parts, one in high intensity and one in low intensity.