Why Us?

The company

Since the company was founded in 2003, more and more people are choosing Wellis products across Europe. The demand for a healthy lifestyle increases the demand for quality wellness products. Thanks to continuous development and growth, Wellis has now become the largest hot tub manufacturer on the European market. We produce hot tubs, swim spas, their associated thermal roofs and spa side coverings, involving more than 1,600 people at a total area of 50,000 m². Our products are stored in several warehouses. In the second half of 2020, we also acquired our second site in Ózd, and in 2021 we started manufacturing the hot tubs and employing another 800 employees. The two production units are available with a huge capacity – we could produce 100,000 hot tubs a year – which could make us one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the next few years. The construction and continuous expansion of the huge plant, which is equipped with modern manufacturing tools was motivated by the growing market demand and the pursuit of quality manufacturing technology. There could be no more ornate proof of our company’s international recognition than the many awards that our products win at exhibitions around the world. They represent the excellence and quality that have resulted in more than 18 years of professional experience.
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The innovative design of our spas allows you to enjoy the very best massage experience. Using revolutionary aqua-dynamic engineering, they target specific muscle groups, delivering powerful jet streams.

- Customisable beyond desire -

W-Flow system

The W-Flow counter-current system moves 180m3 water per hour, with a flow width of 50-60 cm. 5 pre-programmed and 3 personalized swim programs provide a variety of exercises for everyone.

The MagmaJet™

The full capacity of a 3HP massage pump. You can lie on the surface and enjoy weightless flotation.

Turbine System

High-performance turbine can deliver up to 215 m3 of water/h - twice as much as a conventional countercurrent system - while consuming 5% less electricity. Due to its very low current consumption (8 A), it can be operated from a single phase.


Professional waist and hip massage jets help fat cells, accumulated around the hip to disappear. It was originally developed for women, it is suitable for athletes and for those whom looking for the perfect massage.


We’ve designed in special downward facing neck and shoulder jets for the ultimate stress relief massage. Each contour of this intensive massage seat matches your body shape so that every one of the many jets provides a perfect hydro-massage experience.


In designing the MySeat™ reclining place, our designers eliminated the inconvenience caused by height differences. The ergonomic design of the heel rest provides a stable reclining area both for male and female customers.

- WIS -

Wellis intelligent system

WIS spa analysis station monitors and controls spa water maintenance. Thanks to the smartphone app, you
connect to the spa in real time, so you can see the current state of the water every time you open your app.

Meet the WIS

Wellis Crystal is an environmentally friendly water care system, that can be used in your swim spa. Wellis Crystal will help you to keep the water in your swim spa clean in a safe, simple, and effective way. With only one weekly treatment Wellis Crystal will help you to prevent calcium deposits in your system. Moreover, Wellis Crystal will loosen and remove the existing calcium deposits. These calcium deposits are the medium where bacteria and other micro-organisms grow. The ozone- or UV-system already in your spa, will do the rest. It will destroy the bacteria and disinfect the water. With extraordinary results: the water in your spa is not only clean but also looks crystal clear and feels nice and soft.