Exclusive Models

The PeakLine product line covers our premium models. In addition to a full line of accessories, modern design and novel style, their extra functions and unique solutions make them the outstanding models of the Wellis brand.



    Why Peakline?

    The primary consideration in creating a Wellis product is to enhance the wellness experience. Our spas provide excellent relaxation after a tiring day. Surely in the rushed world, everyone will enjoy an evening of relaxation when you can relax in your spa. You have probably heard about the positive effects of wellness products on health. Wellis-manufactured spas, in addition to providing luxury and comfort, pay close attention to customer satisfaction. We work exclusively with the highest quality raw materials in the production of our spas, which is backed by many years of supplier experience. Excellent product quality is at least as important to us as it is to our customers. If we did not pay attention to this and strive for continuous improvement, we could never have been at the forefront of spa production in Europe.


    When combined with the Wellis hydro massage system the aromatic scents can enhance your mood, and aid deep relaxation. Our spas have a new, improved aroma dispenser. The liquid is dispensed into the water in a liquid form with a pump dispenser.


    The exclusive color therapy lighting is a lighting directly below the water level, built into the side wall of the spa, which can consist of 12-20 LEDs, depending on the spa.


    Oxygen therapy ™ increases the oxygen level in the water by more than 70%. Microbubbles have the ability to penetrate the pores of the skin, remove impurities and provide oxygen for better metabolism. Meanwhile, it gently stimulates the skin surface, helping to hydrate dry skin.


    The StarSide ™ cabinet is produced of horizontal side, wood-textured elements and vacuum-formed ABS plastic corner pieces. The built-in RGB LED light works in conjunction with mood lighting inside the spa.


    Immediate access and remote control. The in.touch 2 app makes it easy to control your spa via phone or tablet, even different programming of your spa when you’re not at home. You can set the water temperature and circulation and you can even check the current status of the spa.


    The Wellis Magmajet ™ has the full capacity of a 3-horsepower massage motor. You can even lie on it and float in a state of weightlessness.


    The sound system installed in the Wellis spas features the latest, high-quality, waterproof elements. You no longer have to worry about CDs, MP3 players or any other cable-connected device, as you can connect to your spa at any time by smart gadgets.

    Discover the Wellis promise
    Product Warranty

    We're incredibly proud of our Spa's craftmanship and offer a 10-year warranty on the shell structure, along with a unique 3 years warranty for the engineering parts. Enjoy your fantastic spa with peace of mind as well as peace of body.