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Whether it's a Hot Tub or Swimspa, they're both a long-term investment. This is why we want to help you choose the one that bests suited to your home, your physical needs, your lifestyle and also your budget.

Pre-purchase consideration

Despite popular belief, hot tubs and swimspa's must be installed on a solid, level surface. Grass, though may work visually, isn't hard enough to support the weight of the product, and overtime means your hot tub or swimspa will sink. Ground or decking must be sturdy enough to support not only the weight of the filled spa but also the people in it. If you're unsure, a licensed contractor can help you choose the most appropriate foundation for your sytle and budget.

Pre-purchase consideration
accessibility & Space

Before making any purchases, we always recommend imaging how you'll use your hot tub or spa. With the colder UK climate, you may wish to position your spa closer to the back door so you have less distance to travel wet. Or, if you're planning on having your hot tub or spa further away from the house, consider the walking surface, as this may get slippy when wet.

Don't forget about privacy too! If your garden doesn't have any privacy spaces built in, look into fencing, moveable/sliding walls, or even a gazebo.

After deciding where your hot tub or swimspa will live, snap a few images of the space and general measurements. This will be useful when contacting us about potential matches.

Who will be using it?

Thinking about whether you're buying a hot tub or spa for your family and friends to enjoy, or if it's just for yourself and one other, are questions that will help you narrow down your options. But don't just stop there, consider the ages of those users and any physical limitations they may have. For example, those with bad hip and knee joints may benefit from a SPAGRIP or WOODEN SPA STEPS.

Personal Use
2-3 Seater SPA
Family & Friends Use
5-6 Seater SPA

What is the reason you want a hot tub?

Whilst there are a large number of well-known health benefits to owning a hot tub or swimspa, you need to think about your most important reason for wanting one. Is it for family bonding and reconnecting for therapeutic pain relief, or a place for your friends to hang out? A little secret between us. A number of our customers are home or property developers who have purchased hot tubs for their properties and say they have been able to ask for £10,00 more for their property. Local property experts have said

"There is an increasing demand from homebuyers for hot tubs in homes now, maybe it's due to the youthful homebuyer market expanding. Either way, they see it as a fantastic luxury that makes the outside space more attractive"

Health & Wellbeing

Even 20 minutes in a hot tub or swimspa is scientifically proven to ease sore muscles, improve cardiovascular circulation and help you sleep better.

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As a great way to spend more time with those you love and care about, reconnect and rediscover what it is you love about those in your social circle. Strengthen your bonds.

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Training & Fitness

With hydrotherapy becoming one of the most common forms of recovery for footballers, marathon runners, and all other athletes, why not combine your recovery with luxury?

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Hot Tub or Swimspa?
How much space do you have?

When it comes to hot tubs or swimspa's, inches can mean the difference between a 3 and a 5-seater. Focus on working with the dimensions you have and your installation options. If you don't have enough space for what you'd like, look into vaulting in order to maximise your environment.


What features are most important?

The hot tub or swimspa you're looking for should have all the necessary elements like filtration systems and jets, whilst also equating to your purpose for the purchase. Only when fitting your unique needs does it become a good investment. If you have physical issues, for example, you'll want a hot tub or swimspa with our MYJET™ NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE or MAGMAJET™


Immediate access and remote control. The in.touch 2 app makes it easy to control your spa via phone or tablet, even different programming of your spa when you’re not at home. You can set the water temperature and circulation and you can even check the current status of the spa

Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump

Very low power consumption (190W/h) water circulating pump. Its low power consumption, long life, and quiet operation make it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


The smart analyser is a great addition to your hot tub that takes the stress out of knowing when to clean it or what temperature the water is before getting in. The smart analyser measures the water's temperature, quality and conductivity which can all be tracked via the Mobile app. 

What is your budget?

The cost of a hot tub or swimspa varies depending upon your considered model, ranging from entry-level to luxury pricings. Make sure to spend time comparing products of interest; each model's features, materials, overall quality, and performance, will help you decide which meets your needs. With our Price Match Promise, if you find the same product from a UK retailer cheaper, we'll match it.

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