Wellis® believes in producing spas for real people and with real stories. Therefore we sent a camera crew out to film customer experiences in their own homes to tell their stories themselves: what made them buying our spas and how their life has changed since. Sometimes we have an expert commenting about our products after a trial session. We share all of them with you here.

Ann in Glasgow

Ann chose the #Jupiter because of its availability during lockdown and easy installation being a #PlugAndPlay hot tub. Our MyLine Jupiter is one of our most popular models because of its #energysaving 13Amp specs, its 6 people capacity, excellent hydromassage seats and its industry leading warranties. Ann had lots of good times with friends and family including being in the spa while snowed in winter. Watch the video to find out about all the features of the Jupiter spa and Ann's experiences with it. The Jupiter is now #INSTOCK

Tim in West Sussex

Tim purchased his Amazonas W-Flow because after considering a swimming pool realised his son won’t be able to swim in it continuously without turning around. He settled for the Amazonas and he doesn’t look back since.

Sinead in Kent

Sinead purchased the Malaga Premium because 3 generations live in her house and in this video she explains how they all enjoy the spa differently. The Malaga is now #INSTOCK

Debbie in Kent

Debbie admits that the best thing she spent money on is travelling to the Maldives. However the 2nd best purchase in her life is her Danube W-Flow swim spa. She is a swimming instructor and she explains in the video why. The Danube W-Flow is now #INSTOCK

Chris in Mid Sussex

Our customer Christ gives an overall review of his Malaga Deluxe (Standard) hot tub installed in Mid Sussex. In this video he explains the main things he loves about his hot tub in regards to size, price, music, jets and night time use. The Malaga is now #INSTOCK

Ciara in Littlehampton

Swim at the garage? Ciara is a swimming instructor and runs a swim school in Littlehampton for children. Watch the video to find out how she got the idea? The Danube W-Flow is now #INSTOCK

Joanna in Wirral

Joanna is another happy client this time from the Wirral near Liverpool. The whole family enjoys their #KilimanjaroStandard hot tub, especially the children who are keen to help out in the maintenance too. Supervised of course. Watch Joanna find out how she makes the most of her What Spa? Best Buy 2021 award-winning Wellis spa. The Kilimanjaro Standard is now #INSTOCK

Giovanni in Liverpool

Giovanni invested in his PeakLine EveRest hot tub because when they booked their first holiday in years but then it was canceled because of Covid. He believes this was the best decision he ever made as they used it through the pandemic for staycation. Find out more about the Everest in the video. The Everest is now #INSTOCK

Angela in Ayrshire, Scottland

Angela and her husband replaced a hot tub with Wellis #Danube W-Flow Swim Spa and became the 'most popular grandparents in the country'.Their grandchildren and their friends are having so much fun in their Swim Spa, and the lovely owners use it for exercising and swimming. They find the smartphone application's reminder function most useful. It tells them when to replace the filters, check the chemical levels and much more... The Danube W-Flow is now #INSTOCK

Freddie's Story

Freddie has a rare degenerative muscle condition and it was very difficult for him to exercise during lockdown. We decided to help him to have a better life with a Wellis Danube W-Flow swim spa. The Danube W-Flow is now #INSTOCK

Kieran in Saltcoats, Scotland

One of Kieran's friends when the lockdown started last year got a Wellis Malaga spa, and after spending a few times at his house enjoying it, Kieran figured that because they couldn't go to holiday last year they will try to enjoy themselves more at home. So, he decided to purchase our Pluto spa which was installed on the day we visited him. The Pluto is now #INSTOCK

Shane in Norwich, Norfolk

Shane enjoys living in Norwich, especially now that he’s got a Wellis Venus recessed hot tub. Interestingly the more colder is outside the more tempted he and his family is to use the hot tub and they had some really frosty mornings and evenings spent in the spa creating many happy memories with his children. The Venus is now #INSTOCK