Our Factory

The warehouse, which is due to be completed shortly, will house 4,000 pools meaning the likelihood of your chosen item is out of stock is rare.

The design of the racks will allow for storing pools on three different levels up to a height of seven meters, moving them with special machines and adapters. Pools weigh an average of 350 kg with dimensions of 2x2 meters, therefore it’s important to provide for their mobility. Perfect handling will be ensured at the warehouse through the use of forklifts and order-picking forklift trucks. Servicing the summer boom requires year-round manufacturing and storage.

Although in the case of hydro-massage tubs and pools, we’re dealing with seasonal products, the manufacturing must be continued throughout the year. In order to provide for the complete, buyer-oriented servicing of the peak season between May and September, all months of the year must be devoted to manufacturing, not to mention providing year-long employment for the company’s 500 employees.