Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

A sturdy, high-quality hot tub can bring several positive impacts to your life and wellbeing. As well as being a place for your family and friends to socialise and bond together – it can have positive effects on your physical and mental state. The benefits it can bring depend on how often you use your hot tub, and your overall health. Regular usage of your spa hot tub can reduce stress levels and improve sleep. Please note that only a medical professional could tell you whether hydrotherapy may help any conditions you have but listed below are some of the most common benefits people experience.

Stress Relief

Many people like to unwind by taking a warm bath, the benefit of having a hot tub is that the water stays warm, so the soothing feeling of sinking into warm water doesn’t fade away. Many hot tub systems also have built-in jets to blow bubbles, LED lighting, and Bluetooth speaker systems. This means that you can set some ambiance to further unwind. Soaking in the hot tub in the morning can help you feel more focused, whereas at night it can help you unwind and let go of the stresses of daily life.

Muscle Relaxation

Hydrotherapy can relieve muscle strain by allowing you to float in the water, taking pressure and weight off your body. Hot tubs with built-in jets can also gently work the tension out of your muscles, which will help to relieve pain and soothe soreness. Soaking before exercising may also reduce the risk of injury.

Improved Sleep

The simple soothing effects of hot tubs have been shown to help individuals get a deeper and more restful sleep. Some studies have suggested that passive body heating has helped treat insomnia, newer studies have also found that hot tubs can help with the condition known as fibromyalgia, with those in the study also benefitting from a better night’s sleep after using the hot tub. Ultimately, the combined effects of a hot tub ensure that you are relaxed and relieved of stress and anxiety which will set you up to drift off into slumber more easily.

Lower Blood Pressure

Being in a hot tub can lower your blood pressure and increase your heart rate. This promotes improved cardiovascular health according to recent studies. Please note that this may not be suitable for people with certain conditions, particularly if you already have low blood pressure. Check with your GP if you have any health concerns.

Calorie Burn

A small study conducted in 2016 has shown that participants who soaked above the waist for an hour in a hot bath burned the same number of calories as they would from a 30-minute walk. This is not to say that sitting in a hot tub should replace exercise, but it is a bonus if you’re looking to burn a few calories here and there.

When hot tubs are used and maintained properly, they can have several benefits! Hot tubs are safe for most people to use but should generally be avoided by pregnant women and those with low blood pressure. If you have any health concerns, your first point of contact should be your doctor.